Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Catch Up!

Well, the name of this blog has never rung truer than now! I have fallen off the face of the earth! Hidden from sight and sound. I have been living in Latin America for nearly seven months without an update and spent three months trekking through Europe last fall without much more than a few mentions.

So I apologize for that, and for those of you who maybe I have not spoken to in months and months! I will state now that I still value you all and now have a steady internet connection on which, quite honestly, I have been wasting too much time so I have decided if it’s going to be eating up my time I need to get re-connected instead of just dilly-dallying around.

Well, usually I write just about places and things that I have encountered and don’t gab on too much about my personal life, but I have decided to publish something short just to get re-acquainted and then I hope to start getting my travels (and foods OF COURSE) all caught up.

I moved to San Jose, Costa Rica in January and was meant to work there for a full year. I got all settled in and was on a roll with life in general. I felt really comfortable, stable, productive, when all of a sudden our school announced it would be closing its doors in June and that all of us would need to find new employment. There were some local options available, but between half of the people I knew leaving the country and having to find work and sort out a new visa with a new company if I were to stay I decided to leave. Since I wanted to stay in Latina America and continue studying Spanish I applied for jobs in Colombia and in Ecuador. Sadly I was denied the post in Colombia, but instead ended up coming to Guayaquil with a friend I had been working with in San Jose named Hanna--my now room mate. It has turned out to be a blast!

So now I am here working with an English school whilst committing a lot of my time to continuing my study and practice of Spanish, and also French.

… French?

Yes, it seems a bit random but I scored a scholarship swap in San Jose to study French with the French Alliance there and so now I am paying to continue with the one here in Ecuador. So maybe by Christmas I can function to a decent level in three languages. How exciting!

Otherwise life has been visits to the beach, volcanoes, cultural events, dance parties on boats, nights out at the cinema, BBQs, and just trying to experience as much of this area of the world as possible. I have been able to connect so much deeper by having the language and thus being able to get to know locals like I have never had the chance to do while abroad before.

That’s me in a nutshell, so thanks for reading if you have, otherwise send me a message if you would like to catch up.
I will be posting about San Jose soon as requested by my lovely sister-in-law. So please, bated breath.

Hasta Pronto!