Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Week in Troll Country

Well I left London with my brother and his girlfriend Danielle and then flew into Aelsund Norway, which is on the west coast in the fjords. Once there, my Brother’s friend and Danielle’s brother (confusing I know) Brian picked us up from the airport along side his girlfriend Hanne. Upon arrival we sunk our teeth into some of the unreal delicious duty free chocolate and headed to their homes. We had a traditional Norwegian supper at Hanne’s that consisted of a variety of bread and crackers with cheeses, eggs, meats, and vegetables. This was accompanied with wine and tea. After a long night by the fire (the main source of heat in most Norwegian homes) we went to bed.

The next few days we spent relaxing, living the Norwegian life and touring the city of Aelsund. Aelsund was the first Nuevo-Art city in Europe and was built in this style after a fire took out many of the buildings there. We looked at some historic sights around the city, walked along the snowy bay and the lighthouse. We did some light shopping, eating, and managed to get into some wool socks and ear-flapped hats. It snowed quite a lot but that didn’t keep us from heading out to the tiny fishing villages where we saw people riding horses in the streets. Our last night in Aelsund we used Hanne’s sauna and sweat like crazy and then dashed out into the snowy night.

We then drove all the way across the country to Hamar, where Hanne’s family lives. We stopped at the UNESCO heritage sight Geirangar which is the most famous of the breath taking Norwegian Fjords. In Hamar we were welcomed by Hanne’s lovely family with whom we stayed and were fed some traditional Norwegian foods. (Read more on my food blog)

From Hamar we drove to Oslo to visit the country’s capital. Here we saw Viking ships and Norse artifacts, the Queen of Norway being ushered into her Castle, the Opera House, and the impressive sculpture park. We managed to get some trolls and other Norwegian goods. Then we went to dinner at Curry and Ketchup where we got Indian dinner in an eclectic and fun atmosphere. We spent the rest of our time relaxing and battling the plaguing colds I infected everyone with, I hoped to get more pictures up but the hotel internet was not very gracious.

Now we are off in Paris! Talk to you soon.

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