Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Glimpse of the Pyrenees

Well my first week down in the Pyrenees has been an interesting one. The weather has been the coldest I have experienced since I left Norway and it even snowed during our camp this week. However a lot of France and Spain have had a rough week full of cold weather and rain so I can’t give the new site a bad rap. Although it isn’t as modern as the last one it has a great cabin like charm to it and is set right beside a river called Nestle (said a little different than the chocolate) The new staff was so fun and welcoming and the night of my arrival they had made real hamburgers from scratch, not the piddly ones they feed us on the night the campers arrive.

The nature around the area is amazing, so green, full of hills and nearby mountains. The hills look like they have been piled with thick carpets of moss like the pelts of animals, they are so lush and thick with vegetation. The stream is lovely, yet cold, and the air is fresh as anything. We live a few minutes from a very small town but the quaintness and the welcoming attitude of the people is great. The owner of our camp Guy, and his family are so very nice and on weekends he goes out of his way to cook us a great French meal paired with the right wines, cheeses, and all the fixins.

The campers this past week were great. They were hard to keep from talking long enough o do anything, but they were also so full of spirit and life. They loved doing everything we had planned for them no matter how silly or crazy. There are always a few you want to steal. The highlight of my week was definitely the 30 or so person snowball fight we had with the kids. I have not had a snowball fight in years and one of such size was SO MUCH FUN. I also managed to have the kids speak like Borat all week, chiming around the camp saying “How Much”

This week our camp has been closed and so many of the staff I have just met are getting split up again, so next week working will be another bag of craziness. I am currently in Barcelona on my week off and will have more to write about soon!

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