Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Baltic Series: Tallinn Estonia

 Tallinn, the most compact and medieval of the Baltic capitals. The old town is clearly corralled by ancient brick walls with plenty of red piqued towers. But the towers don't stop at the walls- the old town is a labyrinth of steeply stacked churches, historical architecture, and spiky red roofs displayed high on a hill with streets slithering haphazardly at all elevations. This is by far the best capital to enter without a map-it is not very easy to navigate but once you are inside the city walls every corner you turn and arch you pass through will present something interesting. Luckily, it is small enough that you won't miss anything out. 

In the old city you can easily be satisfied by the ambience alone, but it would be a shame not to seek out the highlights. Near the top of this twisty city you will find the palace and a small cliff-side garden where you can learn about the history.

 Also near the top is a section of wall that you can climb, get a great vantage point over the town and even practice your archery. There are a lot of churches, some very tall and grand, some orthodox style, and some so small that maybe 4 people could squeeze in. Each of which has it's own story and it can be read on placards or tourist booklets can be found by the entrance to the old city. 

Just outside the walls of the city is where you will find modern European shops and cinemas. Crossing the street will take you from bricks to decorative glass paneled buildings, and just a few steps further will land you in a fully converted area where old factories have become swanky chocolate boutiques and the home of popular fashion labels. This recently updated part of town is just what the doctor ordered- a touch of class for those urbanites who love tallinn's scenery but don't want to eat at a pub every night.

Tallinn has some fairly diverse offerings and looks like it will continue in a great direction in the future. It is also a 2 hour ferry ride from Helsinki which allows for travelers to dip their toes in the Nordic countries on a day trip or more.

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