Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lazy Days and Cirque du Soleils

I went to Orlando to see Harry Potter, but I also went to catch up with some amazing friends I made working in France. Our 2 day segue to Orlando was nothing but constant laughs and good times. Our first day was quite relaxed, and frankly we needed a break from trekking around Manhattan non-stop.

After we landed we got treated to some southern BBQ and headed off to a Natural spring to drift down the river in tubes. The challenge of this was fitting 7 people and 7 tubes into a vehicle with only 2 seats installed. But with various body parts and black O’s sticking out we made it the spring without being pulled over.

After an afternoon in the water Menchies was in order. Menchies is a self serve frozen yogurt, or ‘Fro-Yo’ bar that gives you 12 featured flavors of frozen yogurt and a bar of toppings ranging from chocolate, to cereal, to cheesecake. Once you have taste tested the yogurt, filled your cup with all the goodies you want, and are ready to feast, you weigh in your cup and pay by weight. Everyone sat in silence while eating on the patio, mixed with some moans and cries of ‘so good’

We then retired to Erica’s and played apples to apples until it was time for my 4th Cirque du Soleil show. Matt and I have become addicts and since there is one in Down Town Disney it was a must see. The show La Nouba exceeded my expectations as usual. The shows are so good they are hard to describe. I am attaching a trailer for you to get an idea of the costuming and acrobatic wonder that transports you to a world of make believe for the 90 minutes of bliss the show provides. I was most impressed by the Chinese girls that looked as if they could dance on water as they twittered around with diabolos, and the beauty of the silk strings always amazes me. Cirque always manages to add humor into their shows with some goofy characters that break up the jaw dropping acts. This time it was a pair of clowns that provide slapstick comedy and dynamite pranks that are reminiscent of Road Runner.

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