Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sticky & Sweet

HONEY! It is a food miracle- the only thing on our earth that doesn’t rot wet or dry. Not to mention that it tastes like heaven and most resembles liquid gold. I have had a good relationship with honey since I was young, often dipping my chicken tenders in it. Now I keep a jar in the house for my love of late night mugs of Earl Grey Tea with milk and honey.

All this in mind: when I heard about a honey festival in Moscow I had to buzz to my nearest metro to have a look. The festival is held annually at the park near Tsaristino metro station and hosts kiosks from honey farmers that hail from all over rural Russia and even some areas of Kyrgyzstan and other satellite countries. Once you enter the steel gates you need to leave all sense behind, except taste, and get ready to plunge into honey.

There are over 200 sellers at the event with dozens of varieties of honey, mead (an alcoholic honey drink) and a Chak-chaks (best described as a giant honey rice crispy square). The varieties of honey range from sweet to smoky and even bitter. They also can be thin enough to drizzle, thick like ice cream, or be full of crushed up honeycomb. Even as a ‘foodie’ I was surprised by the types of honey I have been missing out on for so long. After an hour of picking up a little white dipping sticks and melting a gob of honey over my tongue I managed to pick a nice creamy honey to take home with me.

A point of advice would be to not get too excited from the get go and taste every honey at one stand, because there is nothing around the cleanse your palate and unless your tooth is as sweet as mine you may end up a little overwhelmed.

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