Stockholm- A Culture Capital

Stockholm- A Culture Capital
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gluttony and Penguins

We spent our next day hitting up some of the sites in central Cape Town that we had not managed to hit in the last few days. We slept in a little and then went to an Italian cafe called Doppio Zero for breakfast (by the time I get to Italy I wont be able to look at pizza, pasta, or tapas!) However it was excellent, I had hot fruity oats which were topped with honey, cinnamon, pecans and shredded pear and then a poached egg with grilled tomato, mushrooms, and bacon. After some people-watching we went to a new mall where I was given some black extremely skinny jeans by the worker and I did a change room ballet.

After the mall, we had heard about an awesome local bakery called Charley's which was painted pink and had some amazing cakes. We found where it was by asking directions from construction workers, at an auto body shop, and finally through a car window because we saw some girls feasting on newly bought Charley's cupcakes! When we arrived we got a hummingbird cake which was like a carrot cake made with spices and fruit with mango cream cheese icing and a slice of "Gold Bailey's ultimate chocolate' cake with real golden icing.

After a nap and a few movies on the movie channel I went out for a Kudu steak. Kudu is an antelope with big curly horns and is one of the many wild game meats offered in African cuisine. You may be thinking "do you do anything besides eat?" and on this day the answer was a no.
The next day however was a little more exciting. We finally got up early enough to rent a car and get on the road. Mom and I took the car down the eastern coast of the peninsula to Simon's Town, a working naval base, and one of the oldest settlements in South Africa. This is where Boulders Beach is- the home of an African Penguin colony. These little guys (smaller than my fat shi tzu) are adorable and can be found canoodling with their mating partner which they choose and keep for life. After ogling the penguins we drove to the very bottom of africa at Cape Point.

Cape Point is actually the second mouth southerly point on the continent and is the place where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans mix. The incredible winds at the point make it a bit unwelcoming and the hike up the to old light house is just as rough. It is a fantastic view however and the crazy baboons living at the point cheer up your day. The baboons are known to be quite aggressive, especially if you have food. They will steal from cars and damage the yards of the locals in the area. We saw a whole family of them, even a baby and got some great photos. We drove up the other coast of peninsula all the way back up to Cape Town.

The scenic Chapman's Peak Drive is up this coast. This winding mountain drive, barely wide enough for two lanes is carved and tunnelled into the side of the mountain and looks out over the oceans and bays. We made it back home in time for cuban tapas, cheese stuffed jalapenos, and a fiery chilli espresso white chocolate martini. Mom and I stumbled home and to bed. (To defend my mom's honor, we were quite composed)

Good Night and Much Love!

Mac Putici

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